PhD Degree Requirements

PhD courses that are normally completed within the first two years of study in the program are provided below. The comprehensive examination is written during the second year.
Research Seminar I
Research Seminar II
Topics in Industrial Relations and Human Resources
Methods and Research in Organizational Behaviour and Industrial Relations
Statistics (2)
Two half-year courses in statistics (choosen with approval from Supervisor)
Electives (2)
Two half-year elective courses
In the third and fourth year of the PhD program, students work on their dissertations and participate in a workshop:
IRE 3005H
Workshop in Industrial Relations I
IRE 3006H
Workshop in Industrial Relations II
Candidacy Achieved Status
Students are required to achieve candidacy at the end of the third year of study (or fourth year for direct-entry students).  Candidacy is achieved when all requirements for the degree are completed (excluding thesis research and IRE3005H/IRE3006H).  Students must have an approved thesis topic, supervisor and supervisory committee.  A notation is made on the transcript when candidacy has been achieved.  Consult the School of Graduate Studies Calendar entry for more information.