Standards and Evaluation

CIRHR as a whole has no single, fixed method of evaluating the work of its students. Most courses have formal final examinations; a few do not. Others have take-home or classroom tests. In almost all courses, the final mark is determined on the basis of term papers, or some other kind of written work, and some form of examination. In lecture-tutorial courses, or in seminars, the final mark may be partially based upon student participation in group discussions. In every course, the requirements and the method of evaluation are made clear in the classroom at the beginning of term.

Students should make sure that they understand well in advance what the requirements are in any course they are taking. If they have doubts they should approach the instructor directly. Individual instructors do not have the authority to grant any extensions past the dates stipulated by the Faculty of Arts and Science deadline for submission of course work. Individual instructors also do not have the authority to reschedule or waive final faculty examinations. For details please consult the section on Rules and Regulations in calendar. In cases of misunderstandings and problems which cannot be handled directly between the student and instructor, the Program Office should be consulted.