2021 Fall/2022 Winter

Planning is underway across the University for fall 2021 at U of T. In his latest message, President Gertler expressed optimism that most academic activities will be able to take place on campus this September.  Given the importance of in-person learning to the student experience, the Faculty of Arts & Science is planning for most Arts & Science courses to take place in person in September. However, our planning will continue to be informed by Public Health guidance. Read the latest information here.

The Vice-Provost Students web page provides useful information on important student related issues - please visit this link:  https://www.viceprovoststudents.utoronto.ca/covid-19/

Greetings from Professor Rafael Gomez, Director, Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources (CIRHR)  

I would like to welcome new and returning CHRM program students to the 2021-22 academic year.  

The year ahead is looking more promising than it has in a long time. With the University of Toronto planning for a return to in-person attendance in Fall 2021, everyone can look forward to seeing their friends and colleagues again. We at the Centre will be ensuring that everyone has a safe and healthy return. The CHRM program will also be ready to deal with the most challenging of times in the world of work. Our courses have always been relevant, but never more so than now.

But university is more than just attending classes, which is why this Fall we will be encouraging our students to enjoy the many extracurricular events that are part of the undergraduate experience, such as attending our annual lectures and seminars and participating in student life. 

Whether online or in person, the real learning will, as always, occur in your courses and through your interactions with fellow students, teaching assistants, and professors. I also encourage you to create a sense of community by getting involved in your student association, IRHRSA, and its activities throughout the semester.

I wish you all the best in the 2021-2022 academic year.

Professor Rafael Gomez, Director, Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources

The University of Toronto has identified the following minimum technical requirements needed for students to access remote/online learning:


Requirement Windows-based PC Apple Mac/macOS-based PC
Operating System Windows 10 macOS X
Web Browser Firefox or Google Chrome Firefox or Google Chrome
Processor Intel Core i5 based model Intel Core i5 based model
RAM/Memory 4 GB 4 GB
Storage 5 GB of available space 5 GB of available space
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 1024 x 768
Connectivity Ethernet or WiFi; available USB port(s) to accommodate recommended accessories Ethernet or WiFi; available USB port(s) to accommodate recommended accessories

For additional information regarding recommended accessories, internet connectivity and frequently asked questions please visit this link.If you have additional questions, please contact your local IT St. George Campus help desk: help.desk@utoronto.ca


Course removals:  Prerequisites, corequisites and exclusions must be observed. Students enrolled in courses for which they do not have the published prerequisites, may have their registration in those courses cancelled without warning at any time if such registration is discovered.   

Delivery Method for the 2021 Fall and 2022 Winter term:

  • Online - Synchronous: Course may be completed fully online; some required real-time activities will be held online, as scheduled in the timetable. 
  • Asynchronous: Course may be completed fully online without requirement for participation in scheduled, real-time activities. 
  • In Person: Some course activities will be held on campus at a set time as scheduled in timetable.

UofT is planning for a majority of its courses to be offered in-person; however, the in-person course delivery could change to online pending provincial health advisories. The University of Toronto will monitor the situation and make a final determination sometime during the summer.  Any changes to the delivery mode will be communicated to students as soon as possible and any updates will be posted on the Arts & Science Timetable.  

Please access the IRE course timetable on the Arts & Science Timetable website: https://timetable.iit.artsci.utoronto.ca/

Note:  IRE446H1S registration instructions are listed here.

If you have any questions about your program and /or degree the first place to check your status is Degree Explorer.  Degree Explorer is the University of Toronto's degree planning tool where you  can review your academic history, degree requirements or use the planner to determine how future course choices might meet your requirements.  Do not use the current calendar to figure out your program requirements as it  lists the  requirements for students who will be admitted to the program next year.   Degree Explorer is coded with the requirements that belong to you (based on your year of admission to the program).  Link:  https://www.acorn.utoronto.ca/degree_explorer.phphttps://www.acorn.utoronto.ca/degree_explorer.php

Your College Registrar’s office can provide advice and guidance if you encounter academic integrity issues. They are there to help you in a more holistic manner, whether it be to understand how other life factors fit in, or to navigate the issues in conjunction with your other courses and degree completion.

If you require help with the IRHR program and/or IRE course registration you must contact the Program Office at IRHR@utoronto.ca for assistance.  Make sure to include your student id number in your email.