CIRHR 50th Anniversary Commemorative Painting

To celebrate our 50th anniversary, the Centre commissioned Pat Dumas-Hudecki —  a creative art director and fine art painter with over twenty years of experience —  to capture CIRHR’s history in one image. The following is a digital image of the painting that will be publicly displayed at the Centre in the coming weeks. Staff and faculty, past and present, along with imagery of relevance to the centre’s history are all cleverly represented with mixed-media techniques.

The painting process for CIRHR commission:

The painting is acrylic on canvas.
Elements have been added as photo transfers; the photos have been altered in Photoshop, printed and then treated with layers of acrylic gel medium. Once dried, the paper is slowly removed from the photos leaving the image embedded in the gel. This transparency is then gelled onto the surface of the canvas. At that point some have been painted over with acrylics.

Painting of 121 St George St surrounded by photographs, book covers and architectural details