CIRHR milestones; text below


1962 Presidential Advisory Committee is established to create a Centre for Industrial Relations. 
1965 John Crispo is named founding director.
1968 Library and Information Service is established by Jean Newman with support from the Personnel Association of Toronto.
1975 Master of Industrial Relations is created based on proposal by Morley Gunderson.  Lorna Marsden is the first Graduate Coordinator.
1986 PhD in Industrial Relations is launched with Morley Gunderson as Coordinator.
1992 Centre relocates from 123 to 121 St. George Street.
1996 The Gerard Dion Award is presented to the Centre by the Canadian Industrial Relations Association in recognition of its contribution to the advancement of research and education in Canadian industrial relations.
2000 A donation of one million dollars by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce establishes the CIBC Chair in Youth Employment.
2001 Anil Verma organizes an International Conference on Union Growth in honour of Noah Meltz.
2002 Centre hosts joint meetings of the International Industrial Relations Association Regional Congress of the Americas and the Canadian Industrial Relations Association chaired by Frank   Reid and Anil Verma.
2002 Weekly Work Report, on online publication, is founded by Elizabeth Perry and renamed to the Perry Work Report when she retires in 2006.
2004 Degree name changes to Master of Industrial Relations and Human Resources.
2006 Centre becomes the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources.
2008 Morley Gunderson is inducted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada for his work as an internationally recognized scholar and pioneer in transforming the field of industrial relations in Canada.
2009 The administrative home of the CIRHR moves from the School of Graduate Studies to the Faculty of Arts and Science.

The undergraduate programs are transferred from Woodsworth College to the CIRHR.


Conclusion of the most recent CIRHR Quality Assurance Review.