Momin Talukder

Sessional Lecturer


Momin Talukder lately held a Postdoctoral Fellow at Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria, Canada. He obtained his Doctorate from Western Sydney University where his dissertation explored the influence of supervisor’s family support on job performance through perceived work and family demand, work and family conflict, work–life balance, and work and life attitude. At present, he is delving into work stress, work–life balance, and employee resilience, with two new projects first, by examining the roles of employee resilience can play in organizations and second, evaluating change in stress over time, using two waves of time panel data. An important goal of this investigation is to contribute to the knowledge set of organizational behavior and human resources on how to design and implement policies and practices mingling work–life balance, resilience, and psychological well-being and how effectively these could bundle to gain competitive and sustainable advantages for organizations.