Qian Zhang

PhD Candidate

Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Talent Management
  • Sustainable HR
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Employee Engagement
  • Social Entrepreneurship 


I am currently a Doctoral Candidate at the Center for Industrial Relations and Human Resources at the University of Toronto. My primary research interest is in studying the design and implementation of talent management systems in various organizational forms and in further investigating the effectiveness of different talent management programs on improving organizational performance. I am also interested in exploring the impact of technology advancement on strategic talent management and strategic human resource management. My passion lies in conducting research in various industries, such as healthcare institutions and R&D enterprises. 



MIRHR, University of Toronto, 2014
BA (Hons.) in Economics and Human Resources, University of Toronto, 2013


“Relationship-oriented Human Resource Practices, HR Attribution, and Team Performance”, Symposium paper accepted for presentation at the 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM), Boston, MA, USA
“Retirement Decisions of Professionals: The Arbitrators Case”, Poster presented at the 71st Annual Meeting of the Labor and Employment Relations Association, Cleveland, OH, USA
“Do arbitrators procrastinate? The National Academy of Arbitrators Case”, presented at the Canadian Industrial Relations Association, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
“Do arbitrators procrastinate?”, Poster presented at the National Academy of Arbitrators Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Administrative Service

Chair; Best Papers Session, “Labor-Management Relations (Symposium)”, at the 71st Annual Meeting of the Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA), Cleveland, OH, USA
Reviewer; 78th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM) Voluntary Reviewer for OB and HR divisions
Co-Chair; Graduate Consortium at International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) 2020, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Co-Chair; PhD Student Consortium at the 72th Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA), 2020, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.