Career Paths

The IRW program has been designed to meet societal need for an interdisciplinary approach to understanding work and organizations. IRW program will meet the increasing demand among A&S students for access to courses on work and organizations that provide foundational knowledge in these areas, while complementing and enriching their other chosen programs of study by providing the knowledge and tools needed to leverage their university education upon graduation.

The IRW major will help students to leverage their other humanities, social science, or science major in future work and organizational contexts, and be prepared for a range of careers. As such, the program has been structured as a major to be combined with another A&S major, rather than as a freestanding specialist program. It is expected that graduates of the IRW program will move forward into a broad set of career paths by becoming administrators, scientists, public servants, writers, inventors, politicians, entrepreneurs, consultants, small and medium-sized business owners, and professionals in a variety of for-profit, not-for-profit, government, and social economy organizations.

Students are encouraged to use the resources available in both the IRHR Library and Career Exploration and Education Centre in order to investigate current labour market trends and career options in IRW.

Work Experience and Opportunities

Start early by seeking relevant summer, part-time and volunteer opportunities that will help you gain experience and develop the skills that employers want. Networking at job fairs and doing volunteer work are an invaluable asset. To access summer, part-time, temporary and volunteer postings, register with the Career Centre. Among its many services, the Career Centre maintains a Career Resource Library, operates the Graduating Students Employment Service and organizes the volunteer Extern Program which offers students a chance to explore a career in the actual workplace. The Centre offers workshops on Discovering Your Skills and Options, Successful Strategies for Finding Work, Interview Techniques and Resume and Cover Letter Writing. Make sure to visit other job boards as well such as HRPA, Eluta and Talent Egg.