Designing a basic income guarantee for Canada

McGill-Queen’s Press

Federalism and the Welfare State in a Multicultural World illustrates that there are clear trends that, if unchecked, may exacerbate rather than overcome important social cleavages. The editors argue that we are at a crucial moment to re-evaluate the role of social policy in a federal state and a multicultural society, and if federalism and diversity challenge traditional models of the nation-building function of social policy, they also open up new pathways for social policy to overcome social divisions. Complacency about, or naive celebration of, the Canadian model is unwarranted, but it is premature to conclude that the model is irredeemably broken, or that all the developments are centrifugal rather than centripetal.

Boadway, Robin, Katherine Cuff, and Kourtney Koebel (2019). Designing a Basic Income Guarantee for Canada. In Goodyear-Grant, E., Myles, J., Kymlicka, W., & Johnston, R (Eds.), Federalism and the Welfare State in a Multicultural World. McGill-Queen's University Press


  • K. Cuff
  • Kourtney Koebel
  • R. Boadway


  • E. Goodyear-Grant
  • J. Myles
  • R. Johnston
  • W. Kymlicka

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New frontiers in public policy: Federalism and the welfare state in a multicultural world, a volume in celebration of Keith Banting.