Timetables & Course Registration

The Faculty of Arts and Science is responsible for providing registration instructions. Please check the following links for information: Timetable, Calendar

Not all courses are offered every year. Check the timetable for current course offerings. Students must observe the enrolment restrictions for IRE courses. We are unable to accommodate non-program students. Students without course prerequisites will be removed at any time they are discovered. Please note the following:

  • Non-IRE courses
    Some electives may be available only to students who have completed specified prerequisites or who are enrolled in a program sponsored by the department offering the course. For detailed information please check the enrolment controls and timetable on the Arts and Science website. Prerequisites, corequisites, and exclusions are published in the Calendar.
  • IRE Courses
    Enrolment in 300+ level "IRE" courses is restricted to IRHR undergraduate students. Students without course prerequisites will be removed at any time they are discovered. Course enrolment conditions are listed under the "Enrolment Controls" for each course in the Arts and Science timetable. Course descriptions, prerequisites, corequisites, and exclusions are listed in the calendar and under each course entry in the timetable.
  • Auditing
    Auditing IRE courses is not permitted. No exceptions are made.

For information on Independent/Research participation courses, click here.