Hire Tomorrow’s HR and IR Leaders

The MIRHR is an advanced graduate degree that is designed to train professionals in the latest innovations and best practices within human resources management, industrial relations, and labour market analysis.  Admission to the MIRHR program is highly competitive and students are carefully selected for their academic excellence and achievements.  Through interdisciplinary studies in management, law, and the social sciences, MIRHR graduates acquire:

  • An advanced understanding of strategic HR management, organizational dynamics, labour and employment law, negotiation and conflict management, and global economic trends.

  • The essential analytical skills to make effective business decisions

LinkedIn Profiles

We invite employers to assess the skills, experience and knowledge of current MIRHR candidates and recent graduates currently listed on LinkedIn. If you have questions with respect to hiring one of our current students or graduates please contact Kathleen Leon at kathleen.leon@utoronto.ca.

Hire a Summer Student

Get help with special projects or other short-term requirements.  MIRHR Summer Employment – students are highly motivated and committed to becoming effective human resources and labour relations professionals.

Expand Your Hiring Pool

Let us help promote your human resources and labour relations opportunities for both recent graduates and MIRHR alumni who are seasoned professionals.  We are able to post available positions to the CIRHR job boards and the service is free.

For more information please contact Kathleen Leon at kathleen.leon@utoronto.ca.