Grades and Appeals

Grading Policies

You can view the University Assessment and Grading Practices Policy through the School of Graduate Studies

A truncated letter grade scale A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, FZ (replacing C,D and F) is used. Numerical grades are not provided by the instructor in the final grade submission and SGS does not record GPA standing on the official student transcript. 

Appeals Process

Students may on occasion dispute grades on assignments or examinations. View full details about informal and formal appeal processes via the SGS website.

Questions about grades should first be directed to the course instructor, preferably by email, as soon as possible after grades being posted on ACORN. If the matter cannot be resolved and the student believes that the grade received was unfair due to a procedural error or bias, a written statement should be made to the CIRHR Graduate Coordinator that clearly documents the concerns and provides any supporting evidence.

If the matter cannot be resolved informally then the student may proceed to a formal appeal.