Elective Courses

Not all courses are offered in any given year and some may be available only in alternate years. The availability of elective courses may be subject to change due to such factors as faculty research leaves and departmental resources. Some courses may be offered only during the day or only in the evening. Consult the MIRHR timetable and course descriptions for details and current offerings. Note that elective courses offered outside the CIRHR (e.g., RSM-Management) may require both departmental and instructor permission and access cannot be guaranteed.

Course Code Course Title
IRE 1260H Labour Arbitration
IRE 1270H Law of Labour Relations
IRE 1338H Law in the Workplace
IRE 1600H International Developments in Labour and Human Resource Policy
IRE 1611H Sociology of Work and Organizations
IRE 1615H Labour and Globalization
IRE 1620H Labour Relations Problems in Historical Perspective
IRE 1625H Contemporary Issues in Public Sector Labour-Management Relations
IRE 1630H Negotiation Skills: Theory and Practice
IRE 1635H Collective Bargaining
IRE 1640H Contemporary Trade Unionism: Issues, Challenges, Strategy
IRE 1645H Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Workplace: Theory and Practice
IRE 1650H Designing Systems for Managing Workplace Conflict
IRE 1700H Consulting Models, Practices, and Applications for IR/HR
IRE 1715H Special Topics in Industrial Relations and Human Resources
IRE 1720H Managing Organizational Change
IRE 1725H Cross Cultural Differences in Organizational Contexts
IRE 2021H Business Strategy for IR/HR
IRE 2715H Special Topics in IR/HR
IRE 3615H Performance Management Systems
IRE 3620H Consulting in Compensation
IRE 3635H Compensation
IRE 3640H Recruitment and Selection
IRE 3645H Training and Development
IRE 3650H Human Resource Planning and Strategy
IRE 3655H Leadership

Reading/Research Courses

Course Code Course Title
IRE 1090H A reading course or individual research in an approved field.
IRE 2090H A reading course or individual research in an approved field.

Student are permitted to take up to two Reading/Research as electives.