International Experience

A learning abroad experience gives you the opportunity to connect and work with other students, professionals and professors from diverse cultural backgrounds and can help you to develop global fluency.

Copied below are two of the more popular international experience programs available to undergraduate degree students.  Discover the many ways to study, research, and gain practical experience abroad on the new Learning Abroad website.   

The Centre for International Experience (CIE) - Fall, Winter & yearlong experiences

Please contact CIE directly for detailed application procedures.  If you are nominated by CIE to take on studies abroad please follow their detailed process on how to get courses preapproved for possible inclusion in your studies.  For IRE courses, you will need to provide us with a detailed course outline from the host institution.  These courses will be assessed and the decision will be communicated to you via email.  You must initiate the approval well before you leave on your exchange.  CIRHR does not keep a list of courses that have previously been approved. You will need to do your own research and select courses that fall within the IRHR area.    Please be mindful that while an exchange is a valuable experience, you will still be required to complete the IRHR program requirements published in the calendar.

416 978 2564

Summer Abroad
This program is administed by the Professional and International Programs office in Woodsworth College.  In recent years, IRE398Y0 has been offered in Italy.  The course counts towards the IRHR program. 
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