IRE395H1/IRE396H1 Forms

Please review the information contained in the form.
Students must contact Faculty directly to enquire about 395/396 opportunities.  Faculty listings is copied below.

Complete applications are due at least 2 weeks before the start of term in with the cousre will be undertaken.

Research Ethics Requirements
All course-based human research involving human participants must be submitted through the My Research Human Protocols (MRHP) system, effective January 3, 2024.

IRE395H1 Independent Study   PDF iconIRE395H1_Request Form.pdf
Independent study under the direction of an Industrial Relations and Human Resources faculty member. It is the responsibility of the student to propose an independent study topic, and obtain the agreement of an instructor who is willing to supervise the project.
Prerequisite: IRE244H1, IRE260H1 and 1 IRE300 level course; A CGPA of at least 2.3; Approval of the Undergraduate Coordinator is required.

IRE396H1 Research Participation  PDF iconIRE396H1_Request Form.pdf
Credit course for supervised participation in a faculty research project. Open only to third and fourth year students enrolled in an Industrial Relations and Human Resources program.
Prerequisites: IRE244H1, IRE260H1 and 2 IRE300 level courses; A CGPA of at least 2.5; Approval of the Undergraduate Coordinator is required.

Undergraduate Faculty Listing (Research and Teaching Stream)
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Alicia Eads
Santiago Campero
Rafael Gomez
Alejandra González Jiménez
Padraic X. Scanlan (on leave in 2024-25)
Taeho Kim
Frank Reid
Brad Seward
Hua Wang