Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate programs in IRHR offer an interdisciplinary learning opportunity in which to study the ‘world of work and employment’ in a Canadian and global context from the perspectives of economics, history, law, management, political science, psychology and sociology. The programs provides students with a theoretical background and knowledge of current developments in the field

CIRHR offers two undergraduate programs. 

Major & Specialist Program (part of a Degree Program in the Faculty of Arts and Science)

These programs are for degree students currently enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science (STG) wishing to pursue a major or specialist program as part of their Degree (Hon BA, BSc, BCom). Information about the Major and Specialist programs is listed under the same heading. Please do not reference the certificate program as the information does not apply to you.

Post-Degree Certificate Program

This program designed for students who hold an undergraduate degree and have not previously studied IRHR. Information about CHRM is listed under the certificate header, below. Please do not reference the major or specialist information as the information will not apply to you. 


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