Transfer Credits

If you have completed  undergraduate degree level university  courses similar to those offered in CHRM you may qualify for transfer credits.

Please complete the appropriate section on the application form and provide detailed course descriptions.   A total of 2 full course equivalents (2.0) may be transferred to the CHRM program. A maximum of one full course equivalent (1.0) may be transferred for courses listed under Group B.   For more information please refer to the CHRM Program Requirements.

Requests for transfer credits are processed only after the student has been admitted to the program.    Students are notified in writing of the transfer credits to which they are entitled as soon as possible, usually along with the letter of admission.    We do not accept requests to have courses assessed for posssible transfer credits unless the person has submitted a complete application and is admitted to the program.

Some factors taken into consideration during the transfer credit assessment are: content and credit weight of the course; level and type of instruction; academic structure and grading system used by the accredited university and grade achieved in the course (normally a minimum passing grade of 60% is required).   Only the credit weight (not the grade) is transferred to CHRM.

Transfer credits are not granted for courses that are practical, clinical, internship or pedagogical in nature. Transfer credit is also not granted for coursework more appropriate for programs taught in other Divisions of the university (e.g. graduate studies, nursing, law, education).     Courses offered by HRPA , Community College and  School of Continuing Studies are non-transferable.