2017-2018 CHRM Timetable

2017-18 CHRM Timetable


Updated: June 13, 2017

Rotman Commerce courses updated: July 26, 2017

Fall 2017 & Winter 2018

July 13, 6 a.m. Course enrolment begins in MGT201H1
July 13, 6 a.m. Course enrolment begins for IRE and Group B course
July 26, 4 p.m. Course enrolment begins for RSM222H1 and RSM361H1 

CHRM students are advised to enrol in Fall and January courses as soon as the registration window opens as some courses will fill quickly.  

Prerequisites, corequisites and  exclusions must be observed.  Students enrolled in courses for which they do not have the published prerequisites or enrol in courses that are not part of CHRM will have their registration in those courses cancelled at any time such registation is discovered and without warning and charged the appropriate fees according to the fees refund schedule.

See Timetable code link (on the left) for an explanation on the terms used in this schedule.

CHRM - CIRHR - Group A Courses
IRE240H1 F L0101 Intro to Employment Relations T10-1
IRE244H1 F L5101 Labour Relations R6-9
IRE260H1 F L5101 Organizational Behaviour M5-8
IRE339H1 F L0101 Labour Markets and Public Policy W2-5
IRE346H1 S L5101 HR Planning & Strategy T5-8
IRE347H1 S L0101 Training & Development M4-7
IRE348H1 S L5101 Recruitement & Selection R5-8
IRE367H1 F L5101 Compensation W5-8
IRE378H1 S L5101 Employment Health W5-8
IRE379H1 S L0101 ER Research & HR Analytics W1-4
IRE430H1 F L0101  Cnd Employment Lay & Non-Union Workplace M1-3
IRE431H1 S L0101 Cdn Labour Law & Unionized Workplace M1-3
IRE444H1 F L0101 Reg of Wkplace Discrim, Harrassment & Viol M10-12
IRE472H1 F L0101 Negotiations M4-6
Rotman Commerce - Group A Courses
MGT201H1 S L5101 Into to Financial Accounting T5-7
RSM222H1 F L0101 Managment Accounting I M9-11
  F L0201   M11-1
  F L0301   T9-11
  F L0401   T12-2
  F L0501   T2-4
  F L0601   W4-6
  F L0701   R10-12
  F L0801   R4-6
  F L5101   W6-8
  S L0101   T4-6
  S L0201   T9-11
  S L0301   T2-4
RSM361H1 F L0101 HRM M4-6
  F L0201   CANC Jul 26
  S L0101   M9-11
  S L0201   T1-3
  S L0301   T3-5
Sociology - Group B Courses
SOC100H1 F L0101 Intro to Soc W12-2
  F L5101   T6-8
  S L0101   M3-5
SOC150H1 F L0101 Soc Inquiries R10-12
  S L0101   W12-2
  S L5101   T6-8
SOC207H1 S L5101 Soc of Work and Occupations M6-8
Economics - Group B Courses 
ECO101H1 F L0101 Principles of Microeconomics MWF10-11
  F L0401   MWF1-2
  F L0501   T2-4,F10-11
  F L5101   M6-9
  S L5101   W6-9
ECO102H1 S L0101 Principles of Macroeconomics MWF10-11
  S L0401   MWF1-2
  S L0501   T2-4, F10-11
  S L5101   M6-9
ECO105Y Y L0101 Principles of Eco for Non-Specialists M8-10, F11-12
  Y L9901   online
Statistics - Group B Courses
STA220H1 F L0101 The Practice of Statistics I M10-12,
  F L0201   M3-5, W4-5
  F L5101   T6-9
  F L9901   online W9-10
STA221H1 S L0101 The Practice of Statistics II M3-5, W3-4
    T0101   W4-5
    T0102   W4-5
    T0103   W4-5
    T0104   W4-5
    T0105   W4-5