JOINid/UTORid & TCard Information

As a student, you can log into ACORN (by using your JOINid/UTORid) to access many services, prior to receiving your TCard. 
Please review the following instructions copied from the TCard website (updated Feb 2021). 
Important:  Up-to-date information is listed on the TCard website and you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the information, terms and conditions published on the TCard website.

In response to COVID-19 safety protocols and government regulations, there have been a few changes in the way our offices are providing UTORidsTCards, and other services.  Click here for updates:


Accessing ACORN using JOINid - Instructions for new students at UofT: 

  • Your JOINid is posted next to your student id number on your CHRM admission letter.
  • Log onto ACORN, the University of Toronto's student information service, and a hub for everything you need to manage your student life.
  • Enter your JOINid and UofT student id to log in to your ACORN account.  
  • You can now enrol in courses on the date and time specificed in the registration instructions.   
  • If you have completed your registration for the upcoming academic cycle (i.e. enrolled in courses and paid/deferred your fees),  you may then obtain a TCard on the dates listed on the TCard website.  Check the TCard announcement's page for details.  

Getting your TCard

  1. Check the announcement's page for when you are eligible to pick up your TCard.

  2. Have your Student Number or UTORid/JOINid, CHRM admission letter,  Legal Status & Identity Documents ready. To learn about required documentation, visit the Documentation Required page.

  3. Get your picture taken at a TCard office.

  4. Activate your UTORid. To learn more about activating your UTORid, visit the Activate Your UTORid page.

  5. TCard services is located at the Koffler Student Services Centre.  Visit the Tcard office at 214 College Street, first floor (behind Second Cup).

Returning UofT Students

  1. What is my UTORid? 
    If you know your e-mail address and password, you can use them to log into the "Get Information" section of the UTORid Management page.Your UTORid will be the first piece of information displayed.  Alternatively, if you have a TCard, your UTORid can be found on the left side of your TCard, just above the barcode.
  2. Instructions for Lost or Replacement TCard.

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