Timetable & Course Registration

Summer Session

Fall & Winter Sessions  Updates are currently being made - June 2023.  
Timetable and Registration Information - PDF iconCHRM_2023_24.pdf

Steps to Plan your Courses

  1. Go through the Timetable and the CHRM Program Requirements to determine which courses you would like to take and whether there are any requirements to fulfill before you can enrol in the courses.  Prerequisites are strictly enforced.
  2. Make sure to read the course delivery instructions.
  3. Check the enrolment controls for each course (listed next to the course in the Timetable) to see if there is priority or a restriction for that course. 
  4. Use the information from the Timetable to put together a weekly schedule. 
  5. Make sure to save your backup course choices too. Keep in mind that course information can change in the weeks leading up to and during the enrolment period.
  6. At your start time (or after your start time), go to ACORN and click the Enrol button to add the courses to your academic record.  If the course is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist for that course.  Some lecture and tutorial sections do not have waiting lists. 

Part-time Study & Program Restrictions
CHRM is a part-time program and most students will finish the program over two academic years. Students may enrol in a full-time course load provided the schedule is conflict-free and prerequisites are met. 

Nonapproved CHRM courses including UTM/UTSC courses
Students may only enrol in courses that are part of the program.  Registration in courses sponsored by UTM and UTSC is not permitted. No exceptions will be made. Students enrolled in nonapproved courses will be removed from those courses at any time they are discovered by the Program Office.  Students will be responsible for any tuition/ancillary fees associated with the registration and removal of non-approved courses.

Prerequisites and Exclusions
Prerequisites and exclusions are enforced by the Program office and/or the academic unit offering the course. 

Exclusions: Students may not enrol in a course if that course lists as an exclusion a course they are currently taking or a course they have already passed. Students will be required to withdraw from the course if discovered during the session of enrolment and will be refused credit in the excluded course if discovered at any time in a subsequent session. Students will be responsible for any tuition/ancillary fees associated with the removal of that course.

Prerequisite: A course (or other qualification) required as preparation for entry to another course.