Teaching, Research and Library Resources for Faculty and Instructors

August 16, 2021: Update for Fall 2021

Effective August 31, 2021, Bb Collaborate will no longer be available for use at the University of Toronto and all recordings will disappear from the Collaborate cloud storage. Information on downloading past Bb Collaborate lectures and using MS Teams and Zoom has been added below.

    There is a wide array of supports available for faculty and instructors at U of T. This guide profiles some of the resources we get asked about the most.

    If you don’t see what you’re looking for, aren’t sure where to start, or prefer a conversation about your specific question or circumstances, let us know at cirhr.library@utoronto.ca. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find out who does!

    This guide will be updated on an ongoing basis. If you notice any outdated URLs, or have any suggestions for additions or improvement, please email us at cirhr.communications@utoronto.ca

    Key sources

    Course design and support resources

    Online course resources

    Online course delivery platform resources

    MS Teams

    Policies of note



    Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) support

    The Industrial Relations and Human Resources Library is your dedicated library, where we strive to provide services tailored to your specific needs and library expertise within the IR/HR context.

    We’re also part of the wider University of Toronto Libraries (UTL) community, and you have access to all the resources and services offered by UTL. The IRHR Library can provide personalized help for many UTL services. For an overview of UTL resources and services, check out their guide:

    IRHR Library services

    • Course visits from IRHR Library – invite us into your course to discuss general library research techniques, or a tailored review of resources for a specific assignment or skill you’ve identified
    • Course specific -library sessions – class time too booked up? Let us know if you think your class could use a library session on general or specific topics, and we’ll set one up outside of class time
    • Personalized consultations for you or for students
      • Contact us to discuss:
        • Any difficulties you or your class is having accessing library resources
        • Recommendations you have for our collection
        • Searching for sources for your reading lists – whether you’re updating an existing topic or considering a new topic, we can provide you with lists of resources, or tailored search strategies, for your review on any topic meeting whatever criteria you need.
        • The library course guide for your course
        • Additional library support from the IRHR Library or the larger UTL system
        • Any questions at all! If we don’t know the answer, we can find out who does.
      • Refer individual students or groups working on assignments to the library
        • If instructors and TAs are fielding questions about how to find resources, how to cite sources or use citation management software, how to access ebooks and journals, or other questions, send them over to us!
    • Support for research activities
      • University of Toronto Libraries Supporting Research
      • Find out how library engagement can improve your research and strengthen your publications
      • Literature search design
      • Document delivery, including print and ebook acquisitions and article retrieval
      • Reference management and citation support
      • Support for TSpace deposits

    Writing and citing resources

    Data and Research Data Management

    Technology supports for research


    Dates and Schedules

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