Program Requirements

If you are not a student in the program but would like to review the requirements of the major or specialist programs please see the Faculty of Arts & Science calendar.

IRHR Program Brochure:  PDF iconIRHR_2021_22.pdf


Frequently asked question:   Which program requirements do I need to follow?  The current calendar doesn't match what is listed in Degree Explorer (DEX).

Answer:  The current calendar lists the program requiremets that apply for students who will be admitted to the program in the subsequent spring admission cycle.  This means that the 2020-21 Calendar lists the requirements for students admitted to IRHR in 2021.  The program requirements that apply to you are those listed on DEX (based on the year you were admitted to the program).  Always use DEX to track your program (and degree!) requirements.  Questions about your degree (including double-counting courses) should be discussed with your Registrar.  Questions about IRHR program requirements should be emailed to us.

NOTE:  Transfer credits are not always picked up by DEX.  In these cases, you must email the appropriate academic unit to have the transfer credit added manually to your academic record.  For students currently in IRHR programs: if, for some reason, DEX is not picking up a course for your IRHR program please email us at (make sure to provide your student ID, the course code, and a brief message regarding the issue).


The Faculty of Arts and Science created the CR/NCR option to encourage you to expand your possible course choices to areas where you think you have interest, but may not be confident about how well you will do. With the CR/NCR option, course results don't impact your GPA. And if you find that you're doing better in it than expected, you may still choose to remove the CR/NCR option providing you do so by the deadline to cancel the course without academic penalty.

Courses with a final status of NCR will not count as degree credits and cannot be used to fulfill Program requirements nor meet prerequisites*. The CIRHR Program Office strictly enforces this policy. Requests for exemptions will not be approved.

*Exception: CR designated courses taken in the Winter 2020 session due to the COVID lockdown, and in the Winter 2015 session as a result of a strike.

Double Counting Courses

Any program combination (2 majors or 1 major and 2 minors) must include at least 12 different courses. Please review DEX or the Degree and Program Requirements listed in the Calendar. If you have any questions please contact your college registrar’s office for assistance.

Program Requirements vs Degree Requirements

If you have questions about your overall degree please consult Degree Explorer and/or your College Registrar's office. Any questions about your minor, major or specialist program must be made to the unit sponsoring the program.