MIRHR Careers

The University of Toronto’s Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources is a training ground for tomorrow’s human resource and labour relations leaders. MIRHR graduates develop a thorough understanding of strategic human resources management, labour relations and the global economic trends that govern the employment relationship.

Since the program was established in 1976, over 700 alumni have established the reputation of the MIRHR (formerly MIR) across Canada, and all over the world. The majority of graduates work in human resources management or labour relations in the private sector. The rest are employed in the public sector, the labour movement, consulting or non-university teaching.

The Master of Industrial Relations and Human Resources (MIRHR) program at the University of Toronto is designed to train innovative professionals in human resource management, labour-management relations, and labour market analysis by guiding practice with a sound theoretical and conceptual foundation.

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The MIRHR is an advanced graduate degree that is designed to train professionals in the latest innovations and best practices within human resources management, industrial relations, and labour market analysis. Let us help promote your human resources and labour relations opportunities for both recent graduates and MIRHR alumni who are seasoned professionals.

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One of the priorities of the Centre is to provide MIRHR students with the best resources to assist them in finding great jobs. We supplement the services of the U of T Career Centre by providing:


  • Career Information and Networking
  • Career Development Seminar
  • LinkedIn Profiles and Job Postings

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The Mentorship Program is to provide MIRHR students with an opportunity to connect with the professional community, develop the skills needed to succeed in the workplace and to gain invaluable career guidance.

Some of the benefits:


  • Build new personal and professional networks.
  • Gain exposure to current professional practices and trends.
  • Increase understanding of the industry/organizations.
  • Develop practical skills and confidence to enter profession.

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The Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources offers a variety of tools and resources that enables students to secure quality paid summer employment opportunities.

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We support students and recent graduates as they build their future in our changing world. We help students explore what they can do with their degree, discover job opportunities and further education.

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The U of T Hub is a career networking platform with monthly webinars and more than 3,000 alumni ready to give career advice to students and fellow alumni.

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Our Master’s Alumni Spotlight features a wide array of alumni and their experiences before, during and after the master’s program. Together, these spotlights give a taste of the many paths our graduates travel.

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