1999 Winner of the Morley Gunderson Prize in Industrial Relations

Brad K. James

Brad James is the Organizing Coordinator for the United Steelworkers in Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces (known as District 6) at the time of this award. Since joining the USWA in 1989, Brad has been an important part of the union’s efforts to build an increasingly diversified membership; first as a field organizer in the mining, manufacturing, and service sectors throughout Ontario, and since 1992 as Organizing Coordinator for District 6. In 1998, Brad worked with a large team of University of Toronto administrative and technical staff in their successful bid to join the union.

Since his graduation from the Centre in 1988, Brad has contributed frequently to the Centre, especially by volunteering his time to speak at the annual Career Day Fair, encouraging current students to consider a future career in the labour movement.

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