1998 Winner of the Morley Gunderson Prize in Industrial Relations

George C.B. Smith

George Smith obtained his Masters of Industrial Relations degree in the first graduating class of the Centre for Industrial Relations in 1977. We are delighted to welcome George back to the University of Toronto and the Centre for another “first”: as the recipient of the first Morley Gunderson Prize in Industrial Relations.

Since July 1996, George has been the Vice-President of Human Resources at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The early stages of George’s career were spent in the Canadian transportation industry, most notably as Senior Director of Employee Relations at Air Canada, and Vice President, Industrial Relations with CP Rail System.

Back to the Morley Gunderson Prize

Throughout his career, George has consistently supported the study of industrial relations at Canadian universities. The Centre for Industrial Relations is grateful to George for his support of the CP Rail Scholarship at the Centre, for his participation as a speaker at various Centre events, and for his role in our training video, The Collective Bargaining Process. In addition to his contributions at the Centre, George also teaches a course about the strategic management of industrial relations in the Executive MBA program at Concordia University, and is a frequent guest lecturer at other universities.