2017 Co-Winner of the Morley Gunderson Prize in Industrial Relations

Michael Villeneuve

Michael received his MIRHR from the Centre for Industrial Resources and Human Resources in 2008, completing it on a part-time basis, mid-point of his engaging career with the Ontario Public Service. Michael works for Treasury Board Secretariat and is a Director in the Centre for Public Sector Labour Relations and Compensation where he has led teams across a broad spectrum of labour relations functions including Union Management Relations, Grievance Management and Dispute Resolution, Advisory Services, Collective Bargaining and Contingency Planning. He has also led teams providing Human Resources Generalist services that include Recruitment, Attendance Management and Employment transition.

Michael’s accomplishments include leading collective bargaining with the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) Correctional Bargaining unit that achieved a collective agreement and agreement to use interest arbitration in lieu of right to strike for future rounds of bargaining. He also led the legislative process in partnership with the Ministry of Labour to develop changes that enable the use of interest arbitration for the OPSEU Correctional Bargaining Unit. These changes were introduced and passed and promote public safety by eliminating the threat of legal strikes in Correctional institutions, Youth facilities, Probation and Probation/Parole offices.

Michael believes in developing people and participates as a mentor in programs such as the Ontario Internship Program and the Diversity Mentorship Program in the Ontario Public Service and the CIRHR mentorship program at the University of Toronto. He is currently leading the design of a Labour Relations Executive Development Program at the Centre for Public Sector Labour Relations and Compensation that will involve partnerships with Industrial Relations Schools in Ontario.

He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Labour Studies from McMaster University and Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Brock University.

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