2003 Winner of the Morley Gunderson Prize in Industrial Relations

Armine Yalnizyan

Armine Yalnizyan (MIR 1985) is an economist who has focussed on serving the community since her graduation from the Centre in 1985. After 10 years as program director with the Social Planning Council of Metropolitan Toronto, in 1998 she authored a ground-breaking report, The Growing Gap, about income inequality in Canada. Through this, and her many other publications (reports, articles and chapters in books) she has contributed to Canada’s public discussion of social and economic equality. In 2002, Armine became the first recipient of the Atkinson Foundation Award for Economic Justice. She is using that opportunity to work with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives on the future of Canada’s public health care system. Armine has been co-chair of the Economy and Employment committee of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, and has served on advisory groups to the federal government on working time and on voluntary sector initiatives, and to the government of Ontario on welfare reforms. She is a founding member of the Progressive Economics Forum; and a board member of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre.

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