University of Toronto Students Maintain their Championship Title at the Inter-University Negotiation Competition | The Soap Box

March 10, 2023 by Bob Thompson

Earlier this month, the UofT team from the IRE1635 Collective Bargaining class traveled to Kingston to demonstrate their skills at the Inter-University Negotiation Competition 2023, graciously hosted by Queen’s University. This event has been held annually for over a decade. It is meant to tests student bargaining skills and to create collegiality between graduate IR programs. This year, we returned to its original configuration as an exclusive event between our MIRHR students and the MIR students of Queen's University. Representing UofT were:

  • Ali, Ameer
  • Badion, Jassie
  • Chen, Jin
  • Chen, Justin
  • Chu, Isabella
  • Harsini, Sina
  • Kavanagh, Maria
  • Lafleur-Greene, Lee
  • Lam, Tracy
  • Logan, Dana
  • Luo, Yulin
  • Qian, Jiahui
  • Vashisht, Divya
  • Vijayan, Vaish
  • Xing, Starry
  • Zhang, Linda
  • Zhao, Tian
  • Zhou, Zihan

Students from both schools devoted much energy to preparing and completing the competition. The event consisted of a multi-party industrial relations problem based on the health care industry. Each student portrayed a unique role and faced off with a combination of other students in one of four negotiation rooms. Once the points were tallied, UofT was fortunate to win the title this year!

Our Thanks goes to UofT’s Centre of Industrial Relations and Human Resources for the support and for making the trip possible; and to Professors Rob Hickey and Bradley Weinberg at Queen’s for being magnanimous and a great perennial partner for this valuable experience.

Much credit should also go to our students. They act as wonderful ambassadors, and they were the consummate specialists in their field.