Graduate Reflection from the President of the Association of Students in Industrial Relations and Human Resources | The Soap Box

June 1, 2023 by Hardi Vadher

It is always bittersweet when one completes a degree and enters a new chapter. It is almost as if you are stepping onto a blank canvas, ready to paint your own masterpiece. As I embark on a new journey, I reminisce with utmost admiration of my time with faculty and fellow students within the MIRHR Program.

The professors went above and beyond in providing students opportunities to engage in real-world applications of course content be it a Mock Arbitration; conducting a research study; responding to a legitimate request for proposal (RFP); or even participating in negotiation simulations. Niche courses and expert insight from faculty members helped in navigating my career path, and these experiences even tapped into skills I did not know I possessed. Though online for a large portion of my first year, the program’s interactive nature (group projects, etc.) established a sense of camaraderie between peers. While shared academic experiences with fellow students created a strong bond to support one another through complex projects, it brings me pride to say I have fostered some lifelong friendships via the MIRHR program. We engaged in constant thought-provoking conversations and challenged each other's viewpoints. Through these interactions, I developed a deeper understanding and appreciation for different cultures and beliefs. I am most excited to see how my future workplace experiences will continue to expose me to diverse perspectives.
Additionally, I am excited to see how Working From Home (WFH) policies will evolve over the next few years. As a commuter, I became accustomed to studying from the comfort of my desk at home. Hence switching from remote to in-person learning was a tad challenging at first, and I would imagine a similar feeling may be for those who may be transitioning from WFH to a hybrid or fully in-person work schedule. However, as I started going to university in-person for my final year in the program – I am happy to say that those daily four-hour commutes were so worth it. Switching in-person provided me with structure and routine, immediate support and resources during class or on-campus, enabled better social development, and allowed for rich in-class discussions – something I longed for, but was not able to experience as much, through remote learning. In totality, I found that an in-person learning environment increased my sense of belonging within the CIRHR community, helped develop my communication and collaboration skills further, and enriched my general learning experience.
With that, I thank the CIRHR for giving me the most special two years that I will forever cherish. I am now ready to begin painting the masterpiece that is to come.
Hardi Vadher, MIRHR
2021-2023 ASIR-HR President