Introducing: Why We Work

March 21, 2019 by CIRHR Communications

Most of us will spend a third of our adult lives at work. 

Why We Work, a new public exhibit created by the CIRHR, explores the question of how we think of work, what motivates us to work, and how the answers to these questions shape us as individuals and as a society.  

Building on the success of The Changing Face of Work, the CIRHR and the IRHR Library are once again working with Projektor to introduce undergraduate students and the broader university community to the field of industrial relations and human resources.  

Why We Work combines physical banners and digital content to bridge online and offline spaces and create new opportunities for audience participation. 

The first of a series of five panels is on display now outside WW126 (Woodsworth College, 119 St George St.). Online, this first phase of the project continues with background information about the image used and a more comprehensive introduction to the conceptualizations of work, drawn from The Thought of Work by John Budd, that form the framework for the project.  

Why We Work had its official launch at the annual Sefton-Williams Memorial Lecture on March 28th, 2019