Online Arbitration: The 2021 CIRHR Mock Arbitration Finals

November 11, 2021 by Anonymous

The mock arbitration finals sponsored by Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP (FWTA) were held for the 13th year this fall.

The event sees groups of students representing either the employer or the union as they submit a written brief and present oral arguments. It is the culmination of significant hours of research and preparation by the students, as well as time spent by FWTA lawyers and staff coaching the participants and organizing, administering, reviewing the arbitration.

With public health restrictions making the usual in-person format impossible, the law firm quickly adapted to hold the event online and ensure this year’s IRE 1610 (Industrial Relations) students would be able to participate in this well-loved Centre tradition. For many students, the mock arbitration is one of the most memorable learning experiences of their time in the MIRHR program.

For the Union: Yaelle Gang, Corrin Whiteway & Erica Campbell

For Management: Hardi Vadher, Vaish Vijayan & Tracy Lam

The finals resulted in the Union Team winning for both the advocacy decision and the legal decision. The Union team—made up of Yaelle Gang, Corrin Whiteway and Erica Campbell.

The panel of arbitrators included Geoff Ryans, Patrner at FWTA; Lauren Chang MacLean, Director of Legal Services, Metrolinx; and Eric Gresham, Director of HR Legal Services, Magna International.