Workplace Democracy Project Goes National Thanks to Grant Funding Support

April 26, 2023 by Andy Vatiliotou

In 2022, the Ontario Assembly on Workplace Democracy identified issues that stifle workers’ voices and their ability to influence change at work; consulted with industry experts and weighed available policy options to amplify workers’ voices; and then compiled a set of primary recommendations to help employers and government bodies improve workers’ capacity to participate in workplace decisions.

Building upon the work of the Assembly, the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources (CIRHR) is thrilled to announce the receipt of a generous grant from Employment and Social Development Canada which will allow us to expand the scope of the project to the national stage.

Co-led by CIRHR Director and Professor, Rafael Gomez, and Gustavson School of Business Associate Professor, Simon Pek, Canadians’ hopes, perceptions, experiences and deliberations about workplace voice will be a collaborative partnership between the University of Toronto and the University of Victoria over the next three years. It will explore how Canadians currently experience speaking up at work, what they think the future of worker voice should look like and why, and how we can arrive there together.

“The Ontario Assembly on Workplace Democracy demonstrated the value of engaging Ontarians from all walks of life on a topic that affects everyone directly or indirectly, yet all too often falls under the radar,” says Simon Pek.

This new project will create many more opportunities for people across the country to take part in this important conversation, and to contribute to the evolution of workers’ rights in Canada: “the kind of work and advocacy,” says Rafael Gomez, “at the heart of what we do at the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources.”

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