Enrolment & Program Limitations

Students enrolled in the Certificate in Human Resource Management may not enrol in non-program courses or other programs or faculties at the University of Toronto in the same academic session. CHRM is a part-time program and most students will take courses over 2 academic years.   Please note that course prerequisites are strictly enforced. 

The courses offered in CHRM are from the Faculty of Arts and Science and may be available during the day or evening in the Summer and the Fall or Winter Sessions. All courses are not offered every session and some courses may only be offered in the daytime. The Program Office and the Faculty of Arts and Science reserve the right to limit enrolment in this program and courses, and to withdraw courses for which enrolment or resources are insufficient. Students may choose courses at times most convenient to them. If you have taken the prerequisite course(s) at an institution other than the Faculty of Arts and Science on the St. George Campus at the University of Toronto, it is your responsibility to have your transcripts forwarded to the appropriate department according the department’s registration instructions.

Course Load
In the Summer Session students may enrol in a maximum of 2.0 full course equivalents. Part-time study in the Fall/Winter Session is a maximum of 3.5 full course equivalents. Full-time enrolment (4.0 - 5.0 full course equivalents) is permitted provided prerequisites are met and there are no timetable conflicts. Students who enroll in a full time course load in the Fall/Winter Session will be charged full time incidental/ancillary fees. Students should attempt to have a course load balanced between the two terms of any session. If you register in a course without having the necessary prerequisite courses and/or marks, you will automatically be withdrawn from the course. Prerequisites will not be waived.

Calendar & Registration Material
The CHRM Program Office and other UofT divisions use electronic message services/websites as the main mechanism for delivering official correspondence and registration information to students. Students admitted to the program are responsible for checking the CHRM website and familiarizing themselves with the rules and regulations concerning the CHRM program. The  Preliminary Summer timetable is posted on the web in Feburary. The Fall/Winter schedule and Calendar is posted in June.