Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you may but you can only accept one offer.  Students are not allowed to be enrolled in (Active status) more than one undergraduate program offered by CIRHR.
Yes, but requests to enrol in another IRW stream must be made during the program enrolment period.   Changing programs may also impact the number of courses you will have to complete as program electives are not transferalble.
All IRW students will complete the same core set of required courses and this includes some IRE courses. Students in the Humanities and Sciences stream will complete the IRE core courses. The Social Science stream includes some additional IRE electives but spaces in these courses are not guaranteed. If there is space available in an IRE course that is not part of your program you may ask permission to enrol but you should be aware that it will not count towards fulfilling electives in the IRW program.
Students will be required to apply to the IRHR program and meet the published enrolment requirements.