Rafael Gomez

Associate Professor; Director of the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources

Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

  • The wage and pay structure impacts of unions on CEO and executive pay
  • Union and non-union voice at work
  • Demographic issues related to the workplace and cross country growth
  • Local employment and economic development.

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Rafael Gomez received his B.A. from York University, and M.A., M.I.R. and Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. He is Director of the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources, University of Toronto. 

Recent publications include “Labour Market Policies in the Provinces,” in Provinces: Canadian provincial politics (edited by C. Dunn), with Morley Gunderson (2016); “Workplace Democracy for the 21st Century,” a discussion paper for the Broadbent Institute, with Juan Gomez (2016); “Do immigrants gain or lose by occupational licensing,” in Canadian Public Policy, with Morley Gunderson, Xiaoyu Huang and Tingting Zhang (2015); “Employee Voice and the Transaction Cost Economics Project, in The Handbook of Research on Employee Voice (edited by Adrian Wilkinson, Jimmy Donaghey, Tony Dundon and Richard Freeman), with Paul Willman, Tobias Kretschmer and Alex Bryson (2014); “Relative Income, Mental Accounting and the Life-Satisfaction of Older Adults: Do Retirees Differ from the Non-Retired,” in Industrial Relations Journal, with Morely Gunderson and Umar Boodoo (2014).


BA, York University
MA, University of Toronto
MIR, University of Toronto
PhD, University of Toronto