Shraddha Wilfred

Sessional Lecturer

Areas of Interest

  • Coping mechanisms to reduce workplace stress
  • Bridging the gap between employer expectations and early talent
  • Interventions in developing and maintaining talent in the digital workplace.

Fields of Study

  • Talent Management and Talent Development
  • Workplace stress and mental health


Dr. Shraddha Wilfred is a passionate international educator with over 13 years of value-driven roles as a Leader of Business Institutions, Professor of HR, Human Resource Consultant, and Curriculum developer. An astute, result-oriented professional, Shraddha has been dedicated to delivering dynamic, challenging, inspiring, and engaging educational experiences at universities and colleges in Canada, India, South Africa, the United States, Oman, and Pakistan. Shraddha’s blend of industry experience and academic theory combined with over a decade of international experience allows her to view problems from both academic and industry perspectives finding practical and innovative solutions.

She published a book on Global Strategic Human Resources Management, a best seller. She has chaired two international conferences and is on the advisory/editorial board of national & international conferences/journals. She is a research enthusiast and has published more than 15 papers in peer-reviewed international and national journals & conference proceedings.

Moreover, Shraddha loves nature and is a staunch follower of the 4 R’s reduce-reuse-recycle-rethink. Her hobby is painting, and she enjoys spending time painting with her two daughters.


Doctor of Philosophy
Master of Philosophy - Managerial Practices in India
Master of Business Administration