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Fees and Cost of Living

The current Schedule of Fees for the School of Graduate Studies is available through the University of Toronto Student Accounts. Approximate annual program fees are provided below. Students do not pay by course, but instead pay an annual academic fee. Part-time students pay a fee that is approximately 30% of the full-time fee.

A full-time student can expect to spend about $1,500 per year on books, case materials and supplies. Living expenses, food, lodging, etc., are minimally estimated at $1,500 per month. Figures will vary according to the type of accommodation and standard of living.

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Financial Support


The University of Toronto offers a PhD Funding Guarantee. For more information see:

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The Centre strives for excellence in education by providing financial support to as many meritorious students as available funds permit. The primary criteria for awards are academic excellence and financial need. Only full-time students are eligible.

Financial Assistance and Awards for CIRHR Graduate Students

Students with first class standing (A- minimum) are encouraged to apply to the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program by March 1. Awards are valued at $5,000 per term for either two or three consecutive terms.

The School of Graduate Studies awards website contains comprehensive information. Students who receive an offer of admission from the CIRHR will receive additional information about available awards.

No application is required for CIRHR Entry Scholarships. Full-time MIRHR students with first class standing in the last two years of university-level study are automatically considered. The value of these awards range from $1,000 to $10,000.

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Teaching and Research Assistantships

Teaching assistant positions and research assistant positions are available to qualified candidates. Details and application forms will be provided to full-time MIRHR students and PhD students who receive an offer of admission.

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2022-23 Approximate Annual Program Fees*

*The Governing Council of the University sets fees. Fees may change without notice at any time with the approval of Governing Council. Program fees exclude an MIRHR Career Development Fee in the amount of $200 for full-time students and $50 for part-time students.

MIRHR Domestic Students

Program Approx. amount per year Approximate Program Total
Full-time MIRHR 2 Yr. $12,504 $25,008
Full-time MIRHR 12 Mo. $17,844 $17,844
Part-time MIRHR 2 Yr. $4,180 $25,008
Part-time MIRHR 12 Mo. $5,782 $17,884


MIRHR International Students

Program Approx. amount per year Approximate Program Total
Full-time MIRHR 2 Yr. $45,150 $90,300
Full-time MIRHR 12 Mo.      $65,760 $65,760


 PhD Students

Program Approx. amount per year
Domestic PhD Students $8,054
International PhD Students $8,810

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