Conflict Style Fit: A novel approach to studying conflict management in the workplace

Saint Mary’s University

The objectives of the current research were to employ a person-centered, analytic approach to studying individual conflict management styles and conflict management climates and to operationalize a novel construct, namely conflict style fit. Latent Profile Analyses allowed for the identification of three individual profiles and three climate profiles that differ qualitatively and/or quantitatively. The profiles reflect unique patterns of conflict management style use, and they reveal a more nuanced account of the ways in which individuals and organizations manage conflict compared with previous research. After the identification of conflict management profiles, conflict style fit was operationalized by exploring how individual and climate profiles combine to influence perceived fit, group satisfaction, process satisfaction, conflict resolution, and conflict efficacy. Profile combinations with higher outcomes were considered to reflect higher conflict style fit. Results have important implications for both the measurement of conflict management styles and understanding conflict management environments.


  • Alycia Damp

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