Summer Waiting Lists

What if a course I want to take is full?

The Waiting List is a feature that lets you "line up" for a course that's currently full, in case a space becomes available. If a student cancels the course and you're next on the waiting list, you'll be enrolled automatically. An email will be sent to your U of T email account to notify you of the enrolment. If you get enrolled from the waiting list, be sure to add any practical or tutorial sections associated with the course.   

What you need to know about waiting lists:

  • In the Summer, students may be on the waiting list for up to 1.0 full course equivalent (one full-credit course or two half-credit courses).
  • Waiting lists are available for lecture (LEC/L) sections only.
  • All lecture meeting sections have waiting lists, except courses with an E indicator.
  • Waiting lists are not available for the entire duration of the enrolment period. See below for availability.
Section code Waiting List available until
F May 18 (WL turned off at end of day)
Y May 18 (WL turned off at end of day)
S July 6 (WL turned off at end of day)