It has become increasingly apparent that an interdisciplinary approach is required to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues, and this is also the case for work and organizations. The IRW program will provide students with an in-depth understanding of the complex economic, political, social, cultural, and historical embeddedness of work and organizations, and the skills necessary to develop solutions to contemporary challenges in work and organizations. The IRW program has been designed to meet this societal need for an interdisciplinary approach to understanding work and organizations. In addition, this new program will meet the increasing demand among A&S students for access to courses on work and organizations that provide foundational knowledge in these areas, while complementing and enriching their other chosen programs of study by providing the knowledge and tools needed to leverage their university education upon graduation. The program will consist of a core set of required program courses that have been designed to achieve eight program learning outcomes, along with a set of relevant elective courses from across three sectors. 

Students will apply for enrolment to the stream that matches their other program of study, thus connecting core concepts in the study of work and organizations to other disciplinary areas.  The areas of study are:

  • ASMAJ1532 Work and Organizations Major:  Humanities Context
  • ASMAJ1533 Work and Organizations Major:  Social Science Context
  • ASMAJ1534 Work and Organizations Major:  Sciences Context