Congratulations, Lucy Yang!

June 23, 2021 by CIRHR Communications

Congratulations to Lucy Yang, the June 2021 winner of the Frank Reid Prize!

The Frank Reid Prize is presented each convocation to the top graduating student or students.

Lucy completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto in criminology and sociology. During her undergraduate studies, she took part in a research project at the International Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation, which sparked her interest in employment and labour law.

“The project focused on developing quality care standards and fostering employment opportunities for adults with disabilities in East and Southern Africa. My participation in the project exposed me to an area of law that I was not as familiar with, but could see myself practicing in later on.”

And indeed, legal education is where Lucy is headed next. This fall, she will begin JD studies at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.

“My time with the MIRHR confirmed my interest and desire to practice employment and labour law. While I am sad to be finished with the MIRHR, I am also pretty excited to start law school!”

Lucy advises students coming into the MIRHR now to “make use of the vast amount of resources offered.”

“You can gain a lot of valuable insights from your professors and classmates, so don't be afraid to reach out to people in the program.”

And as Lucy marks the end of her own time in the Master’s program, she also notes how quickly the MIRHR “flies by.”

“Make sure to set aside some time to simply appreciate the experience and your hard work!”

For Lucy, the Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP Mock Arbitration in Industrial Relations (IRE1610) was a part of the MIRHR experience that left a big impact. “It was the first time I got to engage with law in a more practical manner.”

“I realized from that experience how important it is to engage with multiple viewpoints and how valuable it can be to use the law in ways that provide a voice for employees.”

The Frank Reid Prize will be awarded again in November.

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