*CANCELLED* Wage Stagnation and Asset Inflation: Contemporary Dynamics of Social Class and Economic Inequality in Five Advanced Economies | WIP Seminar with Alicia Eads

When and Where

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
OI4422, OISE Building


Alicia Eads, Assistant Professor


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The study of inequality is a major research area in sociology. However, current sociological theories of social class lack a comprehensive perspective that includes contemporary factors from both labour and financial markets. Sociological theories focus on domestic labour market factors—occupational status and site-of-production relationships. Today, however, the nature of international trade and global financial markets with expansive credit markets have changed the economic context. In other words, it is necessary to incorporate the regimes for money and trade, without which sociological theories will be unable to fully address two key phenomena of life in advanced economies today—wage stagnation and asset price inflation, especially housing price inflation. Yet, disciplines that traditionally study trade and finance have theoretical frameworks that lack key insights on relational dynamics that exist in sociology. Further, labour and financial markets are largely studied separately. This project will synthesize these literatures and extend crucial relational theoretical concepts to improve understandings of the ways in which the current regimes for money and trade affect wellbeing and inequality.

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