The 2019 Inter-University Negotiation Competition

March 4, 2019 by CIRHR Communications

CIRHR students from IRE1635 Collective Bargaining and IRE1338 Law of the Workplace faced off against representatives from the MIR program at Queen's University and Graduate Certificate students from Seneca College on March 2nd at the 2019 Inter-University Negotiation Competition.

The annual event, intended to test students’ bargaining skills, consisted of a multi-party industrial relations problem based on the construction industry. Each student portrayed a unique role and faced off with a combination of other students in one of five of the negotiation rooms in the Centre.

Our team of fifteen students devoted much energy to preparing and completing the competition and placed a close second in the competition. Three of our students, Hao (Jerry) Zhang, Emily Niles and Maisha Uddin, were recognized for achieving the top score in their role category, and two of our students, Natalia Yutovets and Emily Niles, were recognized for being a part of the group that achieved the top solution to the problem.

This was the second year in a row that the CIRHR has hosted the event, with the support of staff and the CIRHR director. IRE1635/IRE1338 course instructor Bob Thompson notes that much credit goes to our students, too: “They act as such great ambassadors. They were the consummate hosts and true specialists in their field.”

The CIRHR team consisted of:

  • Sharmila Adhya
  • Zaheer-ud-din Babar
  • Nicole Case
  • Samantha Figenshaw
  • Fouzia Khokhar
  • Benham Nadimfard
  • Emily Niles
  • Corey Paquette
  • Erin Remai
  • Pakriti Singh Makkar
  • Vanessa Tan
  • Zi (Katherine) Tang
  • Maisha Uddin
  • Natalia Yutovets
  • Hao Zhang

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