The Centre at LERA 2019

June 13, 2019 by Anonymous

The LERA 71st Annual Meeting starts today in Cleveland, Ohio. Between the many faculty, students, alumni, visitors and friends to the Centre on the program, you could fill all your days there. Here is where to find our current faculty and students: 

Thursday, June 13th 


Advancing Employment Relations Theory (Symposium) 

  • Dionne Pohler, University of Toronto—A Theoretical Model of the Trade-Offs Among Efficiency, Equity, Voice, and Power in the Employment Relationship 

3:45 ‑ 4:45 pm,

LERA  Distinguished Plenary "A Field in Flux: Bob McKersie's Reflections on Sixty Years of Evolution in Industrial Relations"—Orchid Ballroom 

  • Discussants: Adrienne E. Eaton, Rutgers University; Dionne Pohler, University of Toronto; Harry C. Katz, Past President and Program Co-Chair 

Friday, June 14th


LERA Best Papers IV: Immigration and Migration (Symposium)

  • Danielle Lamb and Rupa Banerjee, Ryerson University; Anil Verma, University of Toronto; and Emilie-Andrée Jabouin, Ryerson University—Immigrant/Non-immigrant Wage Disparities: A Comparison of Immigrant Cohorts in Standard and Non-standard Work 

LERA Competitive Papers 

  • Kourtney Koebel, University of Toronto—The High Cost of Leisure? Re-Examining the Effect of Unconditional Income Transfers on Labour Supply Decisions 

LERA Best Posters 

  • Jennifer M. Harmer and Qian Zhang, University of Toronto; Allen Ponak, University of Calgary; Daphne Taras, Ryerson University; and Piers Steel, University of Calgary—Do Arbitrators Procrastinate? 

3:45 ‑ 5:15 

HRM Issues in China (Symposium) 

  • Guenther Lomas, University of Toronto and Albert Park, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology—Why Do Some Firms Adopt High Performance Work Systems and Others Do Not? The Case of China and Its Dynamic Business Environment 
  • Byron Lee, China Europe International Business School; Yao Yao, University of Toronto; and Zhiqiang Liu, Huazhong University of Science & Technology—The Incentive and Sorting Effects of Pay-for-Performance and Punishment-for-Underperformance in Chinese Workplaces 

Saturday, June 15th 


China's Labor Relations Under Xi Jinping (Symposium) 

  • Greg Distelhorst, University of Toronto—The Political Beliefs of Chinese Officials 


Improving Labor Standards in Supply Chains Part 1: Why Comply? 

  • Chair: Greg Distelhorst, University of Toronto 
  • Anil Verma, University of Toronto and Luisa Lupo, International Labour Office—The Role of Labor Relations in Improving Labor Standards Compliance in the Garment Industry: Evidence from ILO's Better Work Program 


IR Dimensions of High-Performance Work Systems: New International Evidence (Symposium) 

  • Rafael Gomez, University of Toronto; Michael Barry and Adrian Wilkinson, Griffith University—Unions, Consultative Committees, and the Link between Employee Involvement and Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Four Anglo-American 
  • Guenther Lomas, University of Toronto—Do Major Disruptions at the Workplace Affect the Decisions of Firms to Adopt High-Performance Work Practices? 

Improving Labor Standards in Global Supply Chains Part 2: Buyer Power 

  • Matthew Amengual, University of Oxford and Greg Distelhorst, University of Toronto—Can Multinationals Regulate Labor Standards? Causal Evidence from a Large Retailer 


New Developments in the Global Gig Economy (Symposium)—Stenia 

  • Chair: Anil Verma, University of Toronto 
  • Yao Yao, University of Toronto—As the Legal Profession Uberizes: the Emergence of a Dual Legal Labor Market 

Improving Labor Standards in Global Supply Chains Part 3: Theorizing the Employment Relationship (Symposium) 

  • Chair: Rafael Gomez, University of Toronto 

Sunday, June 16th 


LERA Best Papers X: Work Organization and HRM (Symposium) 

  • Chair: Yao Yao, University of Toronto 


LERA Best Papers XII: Labor-Management Relations 

  • Chair: Qian Zhang, University of Toronto