CIRHR Exhibit: The Changing Face of Work

March 3, 2018 by CIRHR Communications

How has work changed over the past half-century?
How have these changes affected us?
What does the future of work have in store?

The Changing Face of Work poses these questions.

Built around four topical areas of working life—the Office, Technology, Unions, and Diversity—this public exhibit aims to introduce students and the broader University of Toronto community to the ‘world of work’.

Take a look at how the physical world of work has evolved in the Office and the dramatic effects Technology continues to have on workers and jobs. Find out how Unions provide employees with voice and bring dignity and fairness to the workplace and how the Diversity of Canada’s workforce is pushing workplaces to be both equitable and inclusive.

The exhibit reflects developments over the past fifty years and notable research conducted by CIRHR faculty and other industrial relations scholars in each of the four areas.

The exhibit is located outside room 126 in the new wing of Woodsworth College, at 119 St George Street.

View the exhibit online here