CIRHR at LERA 2020

June 11, 2020 by Anonymous

LERA 2020 starts this Saturday in its first-ever virtual meeting. CIRHR faculty, students, alumni, and friends will be appearing throughout the four-day program. Here is where to find our current faculty and PhD students:

Saturday, June 13th

11:45 am ‑ 12:45 pm

Improving Labor Standards in Global Supply Chains Part I: Buyers and their Behavior (Symposium)—Breakout Stream 1

Discussant: Greg Distelhorst, University of Toronto

LERA/AILR Best Papers (Symposium)—Breakout Stream 4

Yao Yao, University of Toronto—Navigating Counter-Institutions: Lawyers’ Professional Identity in the Online Gig Economy

3 ‑ 4 pm

Improving Labor Standards in Global Supply Chains Part III: Focus on Employers (Symposium)—Breakout Stream 1

Greg Distelhorst, University of Toronto—Wages of Sin? Exporter Economic Performance and Labor Compliance in China

Sunday, June 14th

11 am ‑ 12 pm

Reimagining the Governance of Work and Employment - LERA 2020 Research Volume (Symposium)—Breakout Stream 1

Chair: Dionne Pohler, University of Toronto

Greg Distelhorst, University of Toronto—Multinational Corporations as Labor Regulators

Dionne Pohler and Kourtney Koebel, University of Toronto—Basic Income Guarantees

Issues In The Chinese Workplace (Symposium)—Breakout Stream 4

Qian Zhang, University of Toronto—Giant but young: Managing the evolution of employment system in a new venture strategically

12:15 ‑ 1:15 pm

The Politics of Outsourcing: Workers' Experience and Union Responses (Symposium)—Breakout Stream 2

Chair: Greg Distelhorst, University of Toronto

Monday, June 15th

11:15 am ‑  1:30 pm

LERA 22nd Phd Student Consortium—Committee Stream 1

Co-Chairs include Qian Zhang, University of Toronto; and Jacob Barnes, Rutgers University
Featured Speaker: Steven Greenhouse, Author and Former New York Times Reporter
Panelists include Greg Distelhorst, University of Toronto

3 ‑ 4 pm

The Emergent Field of Labor Standards Enforcement Research (Workshop)—Breakout Stream 6

Greg Distelhorst, University of Toronto—Measuring the impacts of the Fair Food Program on farmworkers in central Florida

3 ‑ 5:15 pm    

LERA 5th Annual Jr. Faculty Consortium—Committee Stream 1

Panelists include Dionne Pohler, University of Toronto