Looking for CIRHR at LERA?

June 5, 2018 by Anonymous

Members of the CIRHR community will be traveling to Baltimore, Maryland this month for the Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA) conference. From June 13-17, the conference boasts over 80 workshops and sessions and more than 250 diverse presenters. If you’re looking for some friendly CIRHR faces, here’s where to look:

CIRHR PhD students Yao Yao and Guenther Lomas’ poster “Do Gains From Corporate Social Responsibility Vary by Context? A Comparative Study of the Moderating Effects of Corporate Govern” is included in LERA Best Posters Session I (4.7). Yao Yao is also co-chair of the LERA 20th Annual PhD Student Consortium, sponsored in part by the CIRHR.

Two papers co-authored by CIRHR alumni will be presented at LERA Best Papers sessions. “Individual and Collective Forms of U.S. Labour Conflict: Testing Three Propositions,” by Lorenzo Frangi, CIRHR PhD alumnus Muhammad Umar Boodoo CIRHR Director Rafael Gomez, and CIRHR alumnus Robert Hebdon is included in LERA Best Papers II: Labor Relations (Symposium) (2.5). “Are We Still Who We Are? Identity Shifts Among Federations and Local Unions Over a Merger,” by Lorenzo Frangi, CIRHR PhD alumna Tingting Zhang, and Sinisa Hadziabdic is included in LERA Best Papers IV: Union Issues I (Symposium) (4.5).

CIRHR alumna Tingting Zhang will chair Professionalization and Non-Degree Credentials (Symposium) (5.3), to which she will also contribute “The Path Towards a Licensing Law: Case Studies on Professional Accountants and Human Resources Professionals in Canada” with Professor Dionne Pohler and “The Value of Non-Degree Credentials: A Lifecourse Perspective” with Kyle William Albert.

Professor Dionne Pohler will also contribute to Theoretical and Empirical Advances in the Study of Workplace Conflict and Its Resolution (Symposium) (7.3) with “Advancing Dispute Resolution by Unpacking the Sources of Conflict: Toward an Integrated Framework” by John W. Budd, Alexander J.S. Colvin, and Dionne Pohler.

Greg Distelhorst, who is joining the CIRHR as assistant professor this summer, will chair the Institutional Solutions session (4.2)of the two-part Improving Labor Conditions in Global Supply Chains symposium, and will contribute two papers to the second session, Management Solutions (5.2): “Aligning Sourcing with Labor Standards? Incentives and Pressures in Global Purchasing Practices” by Matthew Amengual, Greg Distelhorst, and Danny Tobin; “Certified for Success? Ethical Labor Certifications and Chinese Manufacturers,” by Greg Distelhorst, Judith C. Stroehle, and Duanyi Yang.

Finally, CIRHR alumna Johanna Weststar will chair LERA 2017 Research Volume Workshop: The Contradictions of Pension Fund Capitalism (Workshop) (10.4), which includes Professor Anil Verma as a panelist: “Protector or Activist? Consistency and Contradiction in Labor's Voice on Pension Boards.”