New from the OECD: Preparing for the Future of Work in Canada

September 3, 2020 by Anonymous

The OECD has released a new publication on the future of work in Canada, Preparing for the Future of Work in Canada.

From the OECD: COVID-19 has led to a labour market shock in Canada and is likely to generate a profound reflection on production and consumption habits. COVID‑19 is also likely to accelerate automation as firms look to new technologies to pandemic proof their operations. While automation offers the opportunity to boost productivity, it can also create losers as vulnerable workers who lose jobs may not have the skills needed in a changing labour market. This OECD report examines the potential impacts of automation on people and places across Canada with a special focus on the Province of Ontario. It also sheds light on policies and programmes that can help regions and cities to prepare for the future of work. 

The report was produced by a team including CIRHR professor Anil Verma, who contributed drafting inputs and the conceptual framework presented in Chapter 4, "Future-proofing people, places and firms in Canada". 

Chapter 4 abstract: COVID-19 is having profound impacts on communities in Canada as around the world. Challenges associated with COVID-19 and the future of work will diverge by local economy, depending on the profile of the local labour market. This chapter provides a framework for understanding how current technological developments differ compared to previous waves. It also outlines examples of policies and programmes being implemented in Canada, with a special focus on the Province of Ontario, to prepare workers for the upturn, while addressing the specific challenges facing people, places and firms in keeping pace with the future of work.

Read the full report online