Spotlight On: Chris Riddell

August 20, 2020 by CIRHR Communications

Graduated: 2003 
ThesisThree essays on labour policy
Research areas: Labour economics; employee-employer relationships, the workplace, and the broader labour market; the effect of government/public policy on workers, unions and firms; firm governance and employee impact 
Now: Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Waterloo  

As the current Editor-in-Chief of Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society, a leading multidiscplinary journal on the employment relationship, whose own work has been published in journals such as the British Journal of Industrial Relations and ILR Review, Dr Chris Riddell sees both sides of the publication process. 

Riddell’s work focuses on the employee-employer relationship, the workplace, and the broader labour market. This has included the effect of government/public policy on workers, unions and firms; and examining the institutions that firms create to help govern themselves, and how those impact employees.  

His work has included numerous collaborations with CIRHR faculty and alumni, including Professors Michele Campolieti, Morley Gunderson, and Dionne Pohler, as well as Sara Slinn (CIRHR PhD 2003) 

Selected publications: 

  • Riddell, C., & Riddell, C. (2019). Interpreting experimental evidence in the presence of post-randomization events: A re-assessment of the self sufficiency project. Journal of Labor Economics.  
  • Campolieti, M. & Riddell, C. (2019), Interest Arbitration and the Narcotic Effect: Evidence from Three Decades of Collective Bargaining in Ontario. British Journal of Industrial Relations, 57: 421-452. doi:10.1111/bjir.12456 
  • Pohler, D., & Riddell, C. (2019). Multinationals’ Compliance with Employment Law: An Empirical Assessment Using Administrative Data from Ontario, 2004 to 2015. ILR Review, 72(3), 606–635.  
  • Campolieti, M., & Riddell, C. (2018). Does Mediation-Arbitration Reduce Arbitration Rates? Evidence from a Natural Experiment. ILR Review.  
  • Campolieti, M., & Riddell, C. (2012). Disability policy and the labor market: Evidence from a natural experiment in canada, 1998–2006. Journal of Public Economics, 96(3-4), 306-316. doi:10.1016/j.jpubeco.2011.09.001  
  • Campolieti, M., Riddell, C., & Slinn, S. (2007). Labor Law Reform and the Role of Delay in Union Organizing: Empirical Evidence from Canada. ILR Review, 61(1), 32–58.  
  • Campolieti, M., Riddell, C., & Gunderson, M. (2005). Minimum wage impacts from a pre-specified research design: Canada 1981-97. Centre for Economics and Public Affairs. 

Riddell completed his undergraduate studies at the University of British Columbia and his MA at McMaster University. Prior to academia, he was a consultant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Before joining the faculty at the University of Waterloo, where he is now Associate Professor in the Department of Economics, Riddell was Assistant Professor in the School of Policy Studies, at Queen’s University and then Associate Professor in Cornell University’s ILR School.