Spotlight On: Douglas Hyatt

December 5, 2019 by CIRHR Communications

Graduated: 1992 
ThesisIssues in the compensation of injured workers: returns to risk, work incentives and accommodation 
Research areas: labor economics, income security, income replacement programs, physician compensation, the economics of disability, and childcare. 
NowProfessor of Economic Analysis and Policy and Academic Director, Professional MBA Programs, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto 

Doug Hyatt’s contributions to public policy as Director of Research for a Task Force on Workers’ Compensation in Ontario and Royal Commission on Workers’ Compensation in British Columbia, reflect his interest in labour economics—particularly as applied to income security and income replacement programs, physician compensation and child care.  

Selected publications: 

Workplace health 

  • Wearables, Gamified Group Challenges and Behavioural Incentives: A Preliminary Study of an Engagement Program to Increase Physical Activity, With T. VanMierlo, A. Ching, R. Fournier and R. Dembo, iProc, 2015 
  • Employing the Gini Coefficient to Measure Participation Inequality in Treatment Focused Digital Health Social Networks., with T. Van Mierlo, and A. Ching, Network Modeling Analysis in Health Informatics and Bioinformatics, 2016, Pages: 5:32, DOI 10.1007/s13721-016-0140-7 
  • Mapping Power Distributions in Digital Health Networks: Methods, Interpretations and Practical Implications with T. Van Mierlo and A. Ching, Journal of Medical Internet Research, Issue:17(6), 2015 

Workers' compensation 

  • Safety Performance in the Construction Industry: A Quasi-Longitudinal Study. with B. McCabe, E. Alderman Y. Chen and A. Shahi Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, forthcoming 

Industrial relations 

  • The Relationship Between Individual Resilience, Interpersonal Conflicts at Work, Safety Performance and Stresses of Construction Workers., with Y. Chen, and B. McCabe, 2017, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, forthcoming 
  • Consequences of the Performance Appraisal Experience, With M. Brown and J. Benson, Personnel Review, Issue:39, No. 3, 2010, Pages: 375-396 

Hyatt has worked with CIRHR professor Michele Campolieti, focusing on Workers' compensation and industrial relations, with Professor Morley Gunderson, and with alumni including Bob Hebdon (CIRHR PhD 1992): 

  • Workers' Compensation: Foundations for Reform with M. Gunderson, Toronto, Ont.: University of Toronto Press, 2002  
  • Child Care Subsidies and Welfare Reforms: What Works for Lone Mothers with Pre-School Children. with G. Cleveland and M. Gunderson, Industrial Relations, Issue:42(6), 2003, Pages: 251-269 
  • Union Impacts in Low-Wage Services: Evidence From Canadian Child Care. with G. Cleveland and M. Gunderson, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Issue:56(2), 2003, Pages: 295-305  
  • Further Evidence for Interpreting the Monday Effect in Workers Compensation with M. Campolieti, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Issue:59(3), 2006, Pages: 438-450  
  • Strike Incidence and Strike Duration: Some New Evidence from Ontario with M. Campolieti and R. Hebdon, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Issue:58, No. 4, 2005, Pages: 610-630  
  • Experience Rating, Work Injuries and Benefit Costs: Some New Evidence with M. Campolieti and T. Thomason, Relations industrielles/Industrial Relations, Issue:61(1), 2006, Pages: 118-145  
  • Determinants of Stress in Medical Practice: Evidence from Ontario with M. Campolieti and B. Kralj, Relations industrielles/Industrial Relations, Issue:62. No.2, 2007, Pages: 226-257  
  • Workplace Violence and the Duration of Workers' Compensation Claims, With M. Campolieti and J. Goldenberg, Realtions industrielles/Industrial Relations, Issue:63, No. 1, 2008, Pages: 57-84 
  • Strikes and Dispute Resolution In M. Gunderson, A. Ponak and D. Taras (eds.), Union-Management Relations in Canada, fourth edition. (Don Mills, Ontario: Addison-Wesley Publishers Limited), forthcoming, (with M. Gunderson and A. Ponak) 
  • Union Impact on Compensation, Productivity, and Management of the Organization In M. Gunderson, A. Ponak and D. Taras (eds.), Union-Management Relations in Canada, fourth edition. (Don Mills, Ontario: Addison-Wesley Publishers Limited), forthcoming, (with M. Gunderson) 

Hyatt is cross-appointed to the CIRHR, and in 2016 won the Morley Gunderson Prize, which recognizes and honours graduates who combine outstanding professional achievement with significant service to the Centre. One of the 2019 co-winners, Susan Sperling, reflecting on favourite memories from her own time as a student at the Centre, noted Hyatt’s role as a teacher:  

Doug Hyatt tr[ied] to console confused first year microeconomics students by saying “don’t worry, all you need for this course is high school math.”

I did NOT have high school math, and he was lovely and took pity on me and helped me through. 

— 2019  Morley Gunderson Prize co-winner, Susan Sperling


    Before he obtained his PhD at Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources, Hyatt received his Master (1987) and Bachelor (1984) degree in Economics from University of Toronto. He was Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, and a visiting Assistant Professor at University of Melbourne, and Senir Scientist and Coordinator of Networks of Centres of Excellence program (HEALNet) at the Insitute for Work and Health. 

    He is now Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy at Rotman, where he teaches Microeconomics and Macroeconomics in the one-year Executive MBA and OMNIUM Global Executive MBA programs. He has received the Executive MBA Program, Professor of the Year, Rotman School of Management Excellence in Teaching Award, and Global Executive MBA Program, Professor of the Year multiple times.